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Flooding the Market with Useless Prospects: CAT Adjusters and Training

Its a well known fact the insurance claims business has, at times, struggled to acquire reasonably talented and professional individuals. This is a topic that’s been tossed around from one publication to the next for a long time. Aside from AICPCU certifications, no one really seems to offer much of a prospect on how to alleviate this issue. That is to say, who goes through a secondary education in search of a degree in insurance claim handling? There are risk […]

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5 Steps for Keeping the Claims Coming

How to Make Your Claims Manager Happy As a Claims Manager I see many different claims every day. On a day to day basis I see every array of claim you can imagine from the simple hail claim to One Million dollar commercial losses. All these claims have one thing in common, detail. Many new adjusters fail in this category almost every single time. Most new adjusters do not understand the importance of going into detail with photos, reports, receipts, etc. If you, are […]

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A Lesson in Adjusting Insurance Claims Courtesy of Warren Buffett

There are, undoubtedly and for whatever silly reason, some of you who dont like Warren Buffett, a/k/a The Oracle of Omaha.  There are some of you who dont know how he became so wealthy, or what he and his partner Charlie Munger do at Berkshire Hathaway (BH), or that the foregoing corporation even exists. Berkshire is an investment company that involves itself with timeless brands such as Coca-Cola, American Express, Wells-Fargo, and so on.  Berkshire also owns some (or all) […]

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