About Public Adjuster Search

A public adjuster in Texas is an insurance claim professional who will work with you and your insurance company until the claim is resolved. Public adjusters work for you, the policyholder, and their primary goal is to ensure that you receive the full payout from your insurance claim. They are not affiliated with any insurance company.

You may encounter three types of insurance adjusters:

Public Insurance Adjusters, also known as Private Adjusters, are independent contractors who do not work for insurance companies.

Independent Adjusters are those who work on behalf of insurance companies and contract their services to them.

Company Adjusters, also known as Staff Adjusters, work directly for the insurance company, so their top priority is the company’s bottom line.

Public Adjusters

Public adjusters are the only type of claims adjusters who work for the policyholder and fight for you during the insurance claims settlement process.

We care about your recovery and understand that few events in your life can match the emotional intensity and financial consequence as a serious property loss can be. It takes years to obtain property and establishes a business but only moments to take it away. A few minutes of time invested in seeking out appropriate help and knowledge will greatly benefit you in your recovery. We are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional service in handling your insurance loss while providing your expert loss consultation throughout every step of your insurance claim.

Many people have not heard about our type of service until they have suffered a property loss. We understand that insurance companies would prefer that public adjusters or loss consultants not be involved with their claims as they enjoy a more controlled and powerful position if the insured is not educated in the process. Insurance companies and the people who work for insurance companies are not bad people; however, many of the tasks that are required in your recovery cannot or should not be performed by the insurance representatives.

That is why Public Adjusters was established. To represent you and to protect you, our client’s interest, in measuring, documenting and presenting insurance claims on your behalf, in an effort to maximize as well as expedite your insurance recoveries.

Hiring a Public Adjuster Costs

Public adjusters typically charge a percentage of the claim payment. In rare cases, an adjuster may charge a flat or hourly rate, but the industry standard is to charge consumers 10% of the total claim amount or 25% of new money (new money is additional money above and beyond what your carrier has already offered as a settlement or already paid out). According to Texas law, the fee percentage will never exceed 10% of the total claim value. The fees charged are agreed upon in advance between the policyholder and the public adjuster and are documented in writing in the form of a contract.

Why do I need a Public Adjuster?

Responsibility for making a complete and accurate claim for damages rests with the policyholder.

  • Insurance policy requirements can be complicated and time-consuming.
  • Inexperience with the claims process can cost you time and money.
  • Many Public Adjusters have decades of insurance claims experience.
  • Your claim may involve one of your most important financial assets.
  • Your insurance settlement depends upon the quality of information that you submit.

Once the stability of your home or business has been restored, our team of associates can concentrate on quickly preparing detailed assessments of loss and value for the various aspects of coverage and file these assessments on your behalf with insurance company representatives, therefore expediting claim settlement.

Find Public Insurance Adjusters

Select a state below to learn more about local public adjusters in Texas. Don’t be concerned if you don’t see your city. Fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible to assist you with your claim. Public Adjusters are state licensed and can assist you in any city in the state.

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Our National Search includes attorneys on retainer that are ready and willing to advise you immediately of any limitations and/or exclusions that may be applicable to your policy, which may limit recovery of your claim.

Our associates are skilled, knowledgeable, experienced engineers, builders and/or loss experts, which prepare very detailed estimates of your loss. These estimates are in a form very familiar to insurance company adjusters and are skillfully developed and presented on your, our client’s, behalf. Our team of professional Public Adjusters and loss experts will then discuss the extent of the loss with the insurance company staff, adjusters or their experts for all parts of your claim. They will make the most of their years of experience, knowledge, and expertise to agree on a maximum claim recovery on your behalf.

Public Adjusters : the Financial Strength to Stand by You

Public Adjusters financial strength gives us a tremendous advantage over the typical one or two people public adjusting company. Our financial stability also allows us to employ the best talent for quantifying your claim and gives Public Adjusters the staying power to remain focused on obtaining the maximum possible settlement for our clients. Unlike the majority of smaller and undercapitalized public adjusting firms, we are under no pressure to settle to collect our fee.

Public Adjusters does not impose any quotas on adjusters and will not barter the settlement of your claim with others. Public Adjusters size and stability provide all the resources needed to stay in business and patiently negotiate the monetary recovery our clients deserve.

For Public Adjusters, the proper settlement of your claim is our most important objective and the number one reason we have remained in business. We know that properly evaluating your policy coverage, thoroughly documenting all the details of the loss, accurately valuing your loss, and effectively negotiating the claim with your insurance company can be a lengthy and arduous process. No problem – every member of the Public Adjusters team is passionate about serving our clients beyond their expectations. Simply put, Public Adjusters works harder and smarter in our mission to be the best.

The Public Adjusters Name Makes a Difference

Insurance companies are aware that Public Adjusters know the true value of your claim and that we have both the resources and the means to wait for a fair and equitable settlement. They also know that we will skillfully assist our clients every step of the way. It’s a reputation we have built over the years. We’re proud of the high standards and results we’ve achieved for thousands of clients.

In the personal and business property insurance claim industry, the name Public Adjusters is a recognized company and is synonymous with:

  • Experience
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Communication

You will have a licensed Public Adjuster who is a skilled negotiator to represent your interests at all meetings with insurance company adjusters.

Public Adjusters enjoys strong national relationships with the public adjusting industry which allows us to draw from a uniquely qualified pool of experts. This enhances our capabilities in bringing full satisfaction to your claim settlement. Prompt and frequent status reports are made to help our clients understand and feel comfortable with the progress of their claim.

Also working with a Public Adjuster you have:

Professional Estimators,
Forensic Structural Engineer,
Forensic Meteorologist,
Forensic Electrical Engineer,
Accounting and CPA,
Inventory Specialist,
Commercial Contractor Experts,
Roofing Experts,
Accredited Claim Adjusters,
Insurance Policy Experts,
Building Code Compliance, Membrane and BUR Installation Experts,
Hail Experts,
Mold Specialist,
And More ….

Public adjusters have provided unparalleled service to policyholders over the years and are considered one of the leading adjusting firms in the country. Our public adjusters have countless years of experience in the building construction and insurance adjusting fields. Our staff members are licensed public adjusters, licensed general contractors, and former building construction company executives.

Through detailed scrutiny of policy terms, proper documentation, and effective presentation of findings, our public adjusters have routinely secured higher than average settlements. Obtaining settlements which are much greater than what an insurance company initially offered are very common when using Public Adjusters. Many claims that are initially denied eventually get paid due to our tenacity and experience.

Specializing in Natural Disaster Recovery Nationwide

Each type of natural disaster holds its own unique challenges for the property owner or business owner when it comes to substantiating your claim and its settlement. With decades of experience and more senior and certified professional public adjusters on staff than most other organizations of its kind. Public Adjusters has faced all types of disasters from Hurricane Florence to Harvey to major flood losses and other Catastrophic events, which our experts successfully assisted homeowners and business owners through each disaster.

Our Public Adjusters are here to help after a catastrophe strikes

No matter where you live in the United States, you may be subjected to a disaster at some point of your life and when you are you need the representation of a Public Adjuster. We have assisted thousands of hurricanes and tornadoes victims over the years. We are considered one of the Nation’s leading CAT team of Public Insurance Adjusters. When a disaster happens our team springs into action to help business owners and homeowners in getting the insurance settlement they are entitled. Do yourself a favor now, line up a public adjuster protect your business’s and your families interest. We offer a preferred client program which is beneficial to all homeowners and business owners.

Nationwide Adjuster team is ready to help

Currently, Public Adjuster Search Adjusters and their team which is comprised of Public Adjusters, Insurance Appraisers, and other experts are assisting disaster victims all over the Country. Events such as Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Isaac are recent events where our Public Adjusters have proven to be very helpful to those who have suffered the worst hardships. Our public adjusters take the burden off of the homeowner and business owners and allow them some normalcy in their lives.

Metal Roof Failure

According to an Austin roofing contractor that specializes in metal roofing, a major cause for metal roof problems is roof movement or expansions and contraction caused by thermal shock. A sun-heated roof surface commonly reaches 150 to 175 degrees. Every time when it rains, the roof surface temperature plummets to 70 to 75 degrees. This causes a steel roof to contract or move approximately 1″/100′ of the roof, almost instantly. An aluminum roof will move nearly 2″/100′. This same roof movement occurs more slowly every morning and night of a sunny day, or with variable cloudiness. The structural steel supporting the roof moves only a fraction of an inch, if at all. This places the roof panels and panel fasteners under extreme dynamic stress. This stress loosens and breaks fasteners, loosens seams and can elongate fastener holes, all causing leaks. Studies have proven that roofs insulated under the roof surface are normally more troublesome, because of even higher peak roof temperatures.

Rusting and corrosion: Most new roof surfaces and panel fasteners are protected by paint or galvanizing. Natural aging and roof movement causes this protection to deteriorate and rusting occurs. Commonly fasteners rust first and accelerate “through” rust on the roof surface around them. Rain and moisture can enter even into tight roof seams. While the seams and metal flashing might not leak, capillary action holds the moisture in the seams and accelerates heavy concealed rust damage, frequently before anyone realizes what is happening. Chemicals and salt in the atmosphere also frequently cause rust and corrosion problems.

What Can Be Done About Metal Roof Loss?

  1. Replace the roof: This can be very costly & usually in a few years, the very same problems that caused the original roof to fail, will cause the new roof to fail. That is of course unless the new roof is somehow externally shielded. Here is a handy roof calculator.
  2. Spot sealing of leaks with any of numerous mastics or coatings can be effective for a short period of time. These sealants commonly fail quickly, for the same reasons the roof failed. The usually look bad and carry no warranty. Many of the common coatings can create and contribute to very serious concealed rusting because they entrap and hold moisture constantly in close contact with the roof surface. This includes most aluminum coatings and urethane foam. Concealed rusting can become so bad that roof replacement may be the only answer. Many suppliers are aware of the destructive potential of their sealants.
  3. The optimum system would dependably and cost-effectively, treat and prevent rust, insulate against the damaging intense heat and rays of the sun, cool the building, eliminate thermal shock/roof movement, look good, restore the roof to top condition, preserve it, plus carry a meaningful warranty.